Sunday, March 23, 2008


So I'm back on this thing!!! It's been a great 40 days!!! I'm almost done with section 2 in school and it is going so well!! I started taking clients last week...I didn't have too many that first week, but I was pretty busy this week!!! I had at least 2 clients every day...and they were all people that I know!!! I think I'm doing pretty well with everything so far!! I absolutely love it!!!

Work is going pretty well...we've been super busy!! It's prom season that's understandable. Time is going by really fast no complaints here!!

I've been hanging out with the Sunday School class a lot too...and I love it!!! We spent almost all day together last Sunday! We went to lunch and to Marble Slab after church...then went home to nap for a while and met up at Lake Hefner to hang out and relax...then some of us went to grab a bite to eat and watch a movie! It was a fantastic day!!! We've been getting together quite a bit lately...and I'm really happy about all of the great friends I've made in the last few months! So, if any of you people from "The Group" read this thing...YOU ALL ROCK!!!!

That's really all I have for right now! Just a quick little update for you! I'll be posting some pics later! I've got some good ones of hair school!!!

Peace :)

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Mike said...

OK, No WONDER you haven't been writing on this! I forgot you were fasting.

Anyway it's good to read you again. Pleaase keep me updated with pics of my mannequin girlfriend.

Wasn't last Sunday ever so much fun? :-)