Friday, November 23, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Minor Setback

So, I went to meet with the prospective employer yesterday...and it's not going to work out!! So, I am currently enrolled for classes that start Dec. 18th and will be leaving my current job on Dec. 7th and do not have another job yet!! I'm not too worried, because I get paid all of the PTO that I have accrued over the last 3 years...almost 200 hours!!! Now, this should help for a few months, so I've still got some time to find a job....but I would like to have something lined up before I start classes. Let me know if you have any ideas that don't involve waiting tables.

Anyway...I'm counting the days until I get to leave my job!!! It has been pretty stressful lately and especially this week. I'm not going to give any details as to what all is going on....but I just can't handle much more!!! Only 16 1/2 days to go!!! (The 1/2 is because I work this Saturday....and it's only for half of a normal day.)

So....this writer's guild strike is killing me!!! I don't know all the details of why the writers are on strike...but I think that someone should just hurry up and give them what they want so my shows will come back!!!! Well, Heroes isn't gone....yet. It only has 2 more new episodes!!! 24 isn't even going to come on at all!!! What am I supposed to do on Monday nights now?!

There is also a strike going on in NYC that has shut a lot of Broadway shows down. I think that is really sad, because I don't think there is a better experience in the world than that of live theater!!! I think it is something that everyone should experience. I think that it is the stage managers and the behind the scenes people that are on strike here....and I have complete respect for them!! I have been a stage manager before and it is so difficult! It sucks sometimes to put up with actors/actresses who don't follow direction, know their lines, shut up back stage during a show, know their get the idea!! I say, "Give these people what they want!!!" They probably deserve it...and then some!!! Just get these shows back up and running!!!

So that's my thought for today!! I hope you all, all 5 of you, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Peace :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I am officially enrolled at The Academy of Hair Design!!! I signed all the paperwork today and it felt great!! I noticed today that I didn't feel like I was signing my life away today like I did when I enrolled at Trevecca. Anyway, I'm very excited! I start December 18th and my projected date of graduation is September 30th, 2008. They have worked in an extra 100 hours for excused absences....but I'm not planning on using them. Now, if it gets really crappy this winter and they have to close the school...that is when those 100 hours come in to play. If I don't use any of those hours I'll graduate early...I'm really hoping for that! When I got back to work after enrolling, I typed up my resignation letter. It was very strange to do that. I have been at that job for 3 years and at one point actually thought that I would move up into it felt very strange to actually say "I am resigning my position." In a way, it felt very liberating!! In a way, it is very frightening. I mean, I'm going from this steady job with great benefits to poor college student...again! I know that in the end I'll be much happier, but it still freaks me out a little.

Anyway, enough of that! I feel like that's all I've been talking about on this blog so far. On to new subjects!

I realized something while I was traveling over the weekend. I took a book with me for the long car rides. I thought it would last until the end of the trip...boy was I wrong. The book I read was Tuesdays With Morrie. It's a great book, but a very easy read. I realized that I was in danger of finishing very early when, after about an hour of reading, I was already half way through the book! Anyway, after reading that book so fast, I got to thinking about my reading habits this past year. I was one of those horrible students in high school that never read a single book all the way through. I would do reports with Cliff Notes or based on discussions held in class. I despised reading...until I met Harry Potter!!! I discovered the series in early 2004. I read every book leading up to the one released that year...which I think was book 5. After the 5th book, I just had to wait on the rest to come out...and there wasn't much reading in between. I made it my resolution this year to read more. In January I spent way too much money at Borders on books!! I have read a total of 6 books this year. Now, that may not seem like much...but for me it's huge!!! It probably would have been more, but the 5 months that I spent as a supervisor at work kinda made me not want to do anything at all!!

So, I'm looking for suggestions. I would like to get a couple more books in before the end of the year!! Here's a list of what I've read so far:

Son of a Witch
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
The Five People You Meet in Heaven
Tuesdays With Morrie
The Kite Runner

If you have any suggestions, just let me know!

Peace :)

Monday, November 12, 2007


So, I went to the hair academy on Thursday for a tour of the school and to fill out the application for the student loan. Well, I got there and the girl that was supposed to take me on the tour was not in that big deal. I went ahead and filled out the loan application. While I was filling it out, the girl asked me if I had a co-signer. I didn't because I really didn't think I'd need one. She said that it was very hard to qualify individually and that most people had to have co-signers. Anyway, I left there a little frustrated. I got to thinking about it though, and I realized that she was used to younger people who have no credit coming to that they would need co-signers. Anyway, before I left, she told me that she would be in on Saturday and should have an answer by then. I told her to call my cell because I would be out of town.

I left Friday morning to go to Louisiana for my nephew's 2nd birthday. At about 12:30 that afternoon, I got a call from the hair academy. I qualified for the loan on my own!!!!! They are sending me the enrollment info. packet and I go Wednesday to enroll!! I am calling someone about a job tomorrow and then I'll be all set!!! I can't believe that this is all happening so quickly!! I can't wait!

Anyway, this weekend was great! My nephews are so great! Cayden is such a little firecracker! He's so funny ! He'll say anything you tell him to...which is not always great...but most of the time very hilarious! Tanner is absolutely beautiful! For anyone who doesn't know, he was very sick when he was born. At one point, the doctors gave him less than 10% chance of surviving. Anyway, he's doing great and is just a beautiful, happy baby! He hardly ever cries and he smiles at everything!! I was very sad to leave there this morning. I got home and went over to the Middendorf's house for dinner and Heroes. This is my normal Monday night thing. Tonight, however was a little different, because their friend Jools is in town from Ireland. He made a killer stew tonight!!! It was fantastic!! It was also a little different this week because we had two episodes to watch because we missed last week. That show totally stresses me out! The only thing that stresses me out more, is that there are only 3 new episodes left because of the writer's strike!!! I hope they reach an agreement before the three episodes are up! I don't know what I'll do!!!

Anyway, I'm off to bed now! 9 hours in the car wore me out!

Peace :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

So what's new?

Quite a bit is new with me!!!

1.) I am very burnt out with my current work I have decided to go back to school...
2.) I have decided to enroll at The Academy of Hair Design!!! I have an appointment on Thursday morning to tour the school and fill out the applications and get the enrollment process started!!
3.) I am in the process of finding a part time job and the search is going well. I have some of my bills taken care of by working at home for my parents and I have a very promising prospect to cover the rest!!

I can't even explain how I feel about all of this. It's happened so quickly! I just got to thinking a few weeks ago that I am really tired of a corporate setting and I know that I just don't fit in there. I have thought about going to cosmetology school before but never really did anything about it...but now it's time!! I'm so excited but I'm nervous at the same time. I have been working at my current job for 3 years now...and it's very strange to leave the comfort of a steady paycheck, and health and dental insurance and a 401k...but I know that this is going to be a great thing for me. I love people and I love the creativity involved in hair design! I really feel like this is something that I will be great at!!

So, if you are not already committed to a hairdresser...come see me in 10 months!!! HA HA!!

Later! :)